Television Advertising

"THE GREAT Television Advertising EQUALIZER"


Television - the greatest baby sitter of all time - is the most believed and trusted, and - at the same time - the most condemned and criticized communications medium in the world.  It's on-the-spot, giving us the opportunity to see immediately what's happening while it's happening -- from news and sporting events to talk shows and soaps to product demonstrations, - from anywhere in the world. It lets millions of people discover their world, and many times themselves in the process. Television is the essence of 20th -- and probably 21st -- century mass communication. TV has brought about a cultural revolution the likes of which will never be fully measured!

Television -- combines the right mixture of sound, sight, color and colour and emotion. Add in today's special effects and electronic wizardry, and you can have virtually anything -- and everything!

It grows even further with the addition of Cable TV.  It even appears a good synergy will solidly develop between Television and the Internet!

The medium is pretty well beating out all other advertising media expenditures -- with the exception of newspaper, as it delivers both the mass audience and a select demographic - depending on the program that is viewed.

Television can combine emotional involvement in its stories - opening up the viewer to all the creativity an advertiser can put together. Because of television's personal face-to-face sales pitch -- like a newspaper or magazines full page advertisement effectiveness -- in that only one message runs at a time. I guess you could say that TV is a "Great Equalizer", putting the biggest and the smallest on the same stage, same spotlight, where only the sincerity, quality and meaningfulness of the message count.

The power of Television, properly used , can be a major player in the fight for creating good business traffic.

It can, with its intrusiveness, reach customers never exposed to your newspaper advertising and therefore, can drive "new customers" to your store or place of business.

While the process is already underway, Television -- like radio had to do -- is specializing and targeting specific lifestyles and demographics. Eventually all will be served, and this brings even greater opportunities for advertisers and television programmer's. Bottom line: Television probably belongs in your media plan!




  CTV/CFTO - Toronto, Ontario

CHEK - Victoria, B.C.

KNBC - Los Angeles, California

WKBW - Buffalo, New York

CNN - Cable News Network - U.S.A.

NEWSWORLD - Cable - Canada



  • Reaches nearly every household in each market.
  • Prospects can be reached due to heavy viewing each week.
  • It can target well offering programs for many different groups.
  • The message is delivered right to the relaxing viewer.
  • It can involve the viewer by communicating in human situation terms.
  • Creativity with sight, sound, color, music, motion and emotion.
  • It creates and multiplies face-to-face selling power.
  • Your message appears as a full page to your potential customers.
  • Tie-in possibilities are endless. e.g.- Displays can be associated with your TV theme and idea's.

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