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The good, old Newspaper is certainly the oldest -- and is still the largest -- of the major advertising mediums, and it still plays and integral role in the media buyer's ad planning. Newspapers were an important and respected advertising medium long before their competitors were even thought of.

There are well over 9000 Newspapers in Canada and the United States and they collectively comprise the largest ad medium. Over two thirds of the dollars spent in Newspaper advertising is derived from local advertisers.

While Newspapers have been replaced as the primary medium for "national" advertising by Television -- it's local orientation has made it well suited to retailers. Newspapers enable merchants to reach a wide cross- section of people, by concentrating their coverage in the local market.

It's this wide coverage of local markets that is the Newspaper's greatest strength. Since many communities have only one Newspaper, a very large number of people can be reached with two or three ads.

A Newspaper's selectivity is limited to a great degree by its wide coverage. A good number of merchants discover that they are paying for a lot of excess circulation when advertising in Newspapers. The small to medium sized retailer in a larger metropolitan area, frequently discover the distribution area of their local paper is to broad for their needs. For example: "The record shop aiming at a teen and young adult market may discover they are missing their primary market with Newspaper, because these groups traditionally do not read the paper near as much the older demo groups. Or consider that the women's swimwear shop must pay for the excess circulation of male readers."

Newspapers have been able to circumvent this problem to a certain degree. They have specific sections of the paper slanted to specific target/readership groups. Now more selectivity can be achieved through your Newspaper advertising. However, this is achieved at the sacrifice of the readers who are not normally exposed to these sections.

It's because of this that many local advertisers are continuing to re-evaluate their Newspaper advertising. Other media are being evaluated as an alternative -- or more sensibly -- an augmentation to their newspaper buys. This creates a good "media mix" and delivers more new customers to their place of business. By evaluating the strengths of the other mediums in conjunction with the strengths of the Newspaper, your media dollars are use more effectively and efficiently.

Most markets - regardless of size - have some kind of local newspaper coverage. They range from Dailies and Weeklies, Sunday or Weekend Newspapers, to Shoppers and Special Interest publications. In fact most Newspapers today offer advertising supplements. These inserts can range in size from 4 pages to 20 pages in size.

While Newspapers lack the intrusiveness of radio and television, Newspapers are still an effective advertising medium. They do an excellent job of reaching established customers, and therefore, are an excellent base for retail advertising. Your business's success depends on its ability to bring in "New Customers". Therefore, Newspapers should not be considered as your only source for advertising in this modern, competitive business environment. But...Newspaper is going to be a part of your advertising media plans!

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  • Immediate and wide coverage of your markets central area.
  • Presents message in news environment that is timely and leisurely.
  • Flexibility in terms of timing and ad size.
  • You can advertise a variety of items to illustrate a good selection of merchandise.
  • Ads can be read and clipped out be customer, to use when shopping.
  • Consumer directory for service businesses like restaurants, theaters and hotels.
  • In-business preparation of advertisement's capabilities.
  • Generally reaches your current customer base with good frequency.

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