Benchmark Communications can design a professional web site for your buisness at reasonable cost.

Web Site Concepts & Design for small to medium sized business!

Effective straight forward web site design and creation without the "techie talk, hype and sophisticated technology unnecessary as yet, for a good percentage of today's small and medium sized businesses!" 

As we've stated before, the Internet may not be for you and your business. The market you had yesterday is the same market you have today: the Internet (World Wide Web) simply gives you a new way to reach and even expand that market.

If you don't require new customers and you're satisfied to stay at your current level of success, then the Internet is probably not right for your business.  However, if you desire to build awareness, improve the image, or create new sales for your business -- perhaps you should consider creating a web site for your company. 

Web site design for small & medium sized businessesMore and more people are coming online, and moving away from the traditional media, or at the very least assigning a reasonable amount of their leisure time to surfing the Web.  Everyone of these people is a potential customer for your businesses web site.  At Benchmark Communications, we pride ourselves on our ability to effectively create you a quality web site, market and advertise your presence on the Internet, and assist you with cross-promotional advertising campaigns in the traditional media.    In short...  By offering an online presence to your customers and the Internet community, you can reach out to new clients worldwide, but also keep in touch with with those existing clients for a fraction of the cost associated with traditional advertising sources. 

Since 1997 we've been building cost-effective web sites that let companies communicate faster than ever before, increase customer satisfaction, reduce support costs and improve business performance.  As our client you get a solid marketing vehicle that presents your best corporate image to the global business community. 

Is your existing web site getting the traffic you had hoped for?  Are you getting repeat visitors? If not, we can build a more effective second generation web site.   And our affordable total marketing communications programs provide online and traditional media exposure to assist in bringing traffic to your site. 

Effective web sites take more than a knowledge of HTML coding. Millions of companies now have web sites because this is where their competitors and their customers are.  But a poorly designed and constructed web site can project a lack of commitment to quality, which customers may associate with the company's products and services. 

Be certain that your web site pages are not garish or cartoonish, you don't want an side show (carnival) image, unless of course, that's the business your in.  There's nothing better than white space.  Don't get too cluttered, with too many images (can really increase load times).  Just look at the most effective ads on and offline for ideas.  If you must use a background for your web pages, be certain it is tasteful and compliments your message content and images.   And don't load your web pages with lots of banner advertising (again you don't want a cheap, carnival effect).  Shop around.  Look at web designers portfolios, and pick the one who offers the best work at exceptional value.  In the long run, you'll be glad you did.

If what's on your web site isn't what your customer wants, if the information is stale, heavy-handed or just plain boring, he or she will be gone before you can say “click.” And once he's gone, its unlikely you'll ever get him back. 

Small to medium sized business web sites can vary in size from a couple of simple pages advertising your company's presence on the Internet, to a full corporate-style web site offering everything from online sales (e-commerce) to up-to-the-minute status updates.

our web site portfolio 

For some examples of our work, here are a few of the web sites that Benchmark Communications has designed and created for some of our small and medium sized business clients.  For clients looking for more sophisticated web sites, we highly recommend the cost efficient services of Prudens Consulting Ltd.  

* Some clients maintain their own web sites and the original designs have been altered somewhat from the initial concepts.  Benchmark Communications has no control over these changes.

We believe the internet is the ideal place to establish and maintain long-term customer relationships that are the cornerstone of successful marketing.  This staying power is important to online success.   Cybernauts are information hounds -- they just can't get enough.  The useful information you provide on your web site not only helps you sell your product or service, it provides the foundation for profitable customer relationships.

Benchmark Communications will design and create your web site to be more than an online version of your brochure or catalogue.   We'll also assist you develop a competitive online strategy, to turn your web site into an effective marketing tool and profit center.    Feel free to contact us for additional information or a free quote.  You can also go to How Can We Serve You? and complete our online business request form.

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